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How do I save you from drowning when all you want to do is drown?

Two Sides to Every Coin, Every Situation, Every Single Fucking Thing

My dad might be bipolar.

He’s really mean sometimes and aggressive about getting his way in his manic phase. He will order my siblings and I around. Lately, it has been chores and cleaning the house, so that he has a nice place to live. I get it. I fucking get it, but there’s no need to constantly threaten me to clean or gtfo. He’s recently stopped, which is why, I suppose I see things more from his point of view.

He’s depressed. What is he supposed to do when he can’t even pull himself together? What is he supposed to do when no one fucking loves him, anymore, and there is no one to take the place of my mom?

Now there’s a little bit of sarcasm in that.. I wish he was stronger, but I guess you can only stay strong for so long before you break.

I am torn between sympathy and anger.

I know it’s not your fault, but I wish you knew what you were doing.

I wish you knew that everything is going to be okay.

I’m the best thing that never happened to you

I’m the best thing that never happened to you

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For some reason Fox News allowed Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson to give his opinion on the problems with ISIS, unwittingly showing that Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fundamentalists are extremely similar.

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Mainstream media tends to hyper-sexualize gay relationships. Hence, many OUAT fans argue that you can’t have a gay couple on a family show about fairy-tales (often in very misspelled social media posts). But um, nope, that’s just not true. When viewers say they want to see Swan Queen, it’s not a request for the show to become sexually explicit, to be Once Upon a Time in My Pants, it’s asking the show and the show’s audience to recognize that all those idealized elements of true love—authentic connection, sacrifice, and loyalty—also happen in LGBT relationships. LGBT romances deserve an idealized, flowers and hearts, aspirational depiction that parents and kids can watch together and sigh and say “Awww!” the way they do currently with hetero ones. I’m no folklore professor, I don’t own an amulet or Tevas, but even I know fairy-tales are one of the earliest ways we teach kids basic life lessons: what is good, what is bad, don’t talk to strangers, someday you’re going to find someone who will make all the terrible stuff worth it. If we can’t talk about gay relationships in fairy-tale terms, then we’re teaching kids who grow up to be gay that there isn’t a happy ending for them. Like, what other message does it send when Mulan walked away, sobbing, before she could even tell Aurora how she felt? “Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing” is the show’s own thesis statement. Why not let gay kids, gay teens, and gay parents aspire to a happy ending too?

- Lily Sparks (x)

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